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Firm Facts


With approximately 140 attorneys in five cities in Kentucky and Indiana, SKO is an established law firm representing clients on local, state, national and international levels. Tracing our history back to 1897, our commitment to client service is demonstrated through enduring relationships built on honest, experienced, and trusted counsel.

Our connections are global, but we are extremely committed to our local communities, charities and organizations through our board and professional memberships. From individuals to major national and international businesses, SKO offers a wide range of services in order to best serve our diverse clientele.

Board of Directors

P. Douglas Barr*, Managing Director, Chairman
William M. Lear Jr.*, Chairman Emeritus
Kendrick R. Riggs*, Vice Chair
Douglas C. Ballantine*, Finance Committee Chair
Jamie Brodsky
Jeffrey A. Calabrese*, Personnel Committee Chair
Allison J. Donovan*
Mary C. Garris*, Business Development Committee Chair
Lea Pauley Goff
Joseph H. Langerak IV*, Strategic Opportunities Committee Chair
W. Chapman Hopkins
Elizabeth S. Muyskens
Palmer G. Vance II
Christopher C. Wischer

* Member of Executive Committee

Administrative Staff

Susan Bryant, Controller 
Bob Burns, Executive Director
Mary Lou Cutter, Director of Information Technology
Jeff Frey, Research Services Manager
Pattie Dale Tye, Consulting Chief Operating Officer