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Employment at Will, A State-by-State Survey

Published in Bloomberg BNA, Employment at Will: A State-by-State Survey, 2nd Edition  Kentucky I Overview Kentucky has adopted the at-will employment doctrine, which provides that… (Read More)

Jan. 16, 2019


Lack of Attention to Commissioner Salary Issues Can Result in Major Headaches Approximately 99 of the 112 water districts in Kentucky pay their commissioners a… (Read More)

Dec. 13, 2018

2018 Legislative Changes

Information contained herein represents legislation passed by the 2018 Kentucky General Assembly in Regular Session. Full summaries of legislation can be found online and in… (Read More)

Dec. 4, 2018

Kentucky Powers of Attorney: No Longer Powerless

Powers of attorney (POA) are tools that can help individuals plan for both short-term and long-term disability. These tools allow the individual (the "principal") to… (Read More)

Dec. 3, 2018

Garnishment Limits and Charging Orders

Most if not all charging order statutes provide that exemption laws appli­cable to the member’s interest in the LLC remain available notwithstand­ing the charging order.… (Read More)

Nov. 28, 2018


Public Service Commission Warns of Substantial Civil Penalties for Water Utilities and Their Board Members for Unauthorized Debt Recently the Kentucky Public Service Commission (“KPSC”)… (Read More)

Nov. 8, 2018

Interest Dilution and Damages as Contribution-Default Remedies in Failing LLCs and Partnerships

Failure is not an option—at least not until it happens. Starting a venture with the attitude that failure is not an option may reflect the… (Read More)

Nov. 6, 2018

Revised PSC Statutes and Regulations

Stoll Keenon Ogden PLLC has released a revised version of its Public Service Commission Laws and Regulations and A Compilation of Kentucky Public Utility Laws.… (Read More)

Oct. 23, 2018

Under the Revised Uniform LLC Act the Executrix of a Member Is Not a Member

In a recent decision from Connecticut, the issue was the status of the executrix of a member vis-a-vis the LLC, a question considered in the… (Read More)

Oct. 19, 2018
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