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Hosting a Private Party? What You Need to Know About Alcohol Laws and Social Host Liability in Kentucky

As college sports seasons ramp up and the holidays quickly approach, many Kentuckians will start planning to host parties and social gatherings at their homes.… (Read More)

Oct. 9, 2019

Misclassification of Workers as Independent Contractors Not a Violation of Federal Labor Law

On August 29, 2019, the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) issued its decision in Velox Express, Inc., holding that an employer’s misclassification of its workers… (Read More)

Sep. 16, 2019

Employees May Take FMLA Leave For Medical Parent/Teacher Conferences

The United States Department of Labor (“DOL”) has issued an opinion letter advising that eligible employees may take intermittent Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”)… (Read More)

Sep. 11, 2019

NLRB Overrules Precedent: Property Owners May Exclude Off-Duty Contractor Employees From Premises

On August 23, 2019, the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) issued a decision (Bexar County Performing Arts Center Foundation d/b/a Tobin Center for the Performing… (Read More)

Sep. 4, 2019

Federal Appeals Court Finds the EEOC’s Criminal Background Check Guidance Unenforceable

On August 6, 2019, in the case of Texas v. EEOC, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit held that the Obama-era Equal Employment… (Read More)

Aug. 12, 2019

Judicial Expulsion of a Member: What We Have Learned from All Saints University of Medicine Aruba, IE Test and Kenny v. Fulton Associates

A previous column, after mentioning the provisions of partnership and LLC law which at times enable the expulsion of a partner/member, discussed a number of… (Read More)

July 29, 2019

A Deepening Divide: Fifth Circuit Adds to Split Regarding Bankruptcy Court Jurisdiction over Social Security Claims

Bankruptcy court jurisdiction over Medicare issues is increasingly important given the distressed state of the health care industry and skyrocketing level of bankruptcy filings by… (Read More)

July 8, 2019

US Supreme Court Addresses Regulation of Alcoholic Beverage Industry

In a decision rendered on Wednesday, the United States Supreme Court for the first time in over a decade waded into the question of the… (Read More)

June 28, 2019

Kentucky Supreme Court Strikes Down Waiver of Claims Between Child and For-Profit Business

Last Thursday, the Kentucky Supreme Court issued an opinion addressing whether a waiver, signed by a parent on behalf of a minor child, would be… (Read More)

June 17, 2019
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