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Purpose: If You Do Not Know Where You Are Going, How Will You Know If You Have Arrived

As a general proposition, LLCs organized in any of the states may engage in any lawful business or activity.1 While the purpose of any particular… (Read More)

Nov. 8, 2017

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No, It’s a Board-Managed LLC!

One of the perceived benefits of the LLC form is the flexibility that exist with respect to inter se management structure. Although many statutes provide… (Read More)

Nov. 7, 2017

The Kentucky Assumed Name Statute

The Kentucky assumed name statute1 was significantly revised in 2006 with the objectives of: (a) ordering and rationalizing the “real names”; clarifying the county where… (Read More)

Nov. 6, 2017

COST FALL 2017 – Kentucky State and Local Tax Developments

I.                   INCOME/FRANCHISE TAXES.                       A.     Legislative Developments.                       None.                       B.     Judicial Developments.                                   1.   World Acceptance Corporation, et al. v. Commonwealth of Kentucky, Finance & Administration Cabinet, Department of Revenue,… (Read More)

Oct. 10, 2017

Glanders Testing is a Slowly Evolving Process

After an international dressage horse turns up with a false positive this contagious disease, the USDA testing protocol comes under fire. Chase Hickok wasn't antici­pating… (Read More)

Oct. 9, 2017

Don’t Let Your Business Be Tomorrow’s Headline

September’s news centered on hurricanes Harvey and Irma until word of a massive cybersecurity failure at credit bureau Equifax pushed those storms below the fold.… (Read More)

Oct. 2, 2017

Kentucky’s New Regulations Sunset Scheme

  Fact: Regulations are in the crosshairs. Regardless of their history, applicable industries or agencies, or initial justifications, regulations are running headlong into a de-regulation… (Read More)

Sep. 29, 2017

Bluegrass and Sunshine: Sales and Use Taxation of the Equine Industry in Kentucky and Florida

By Erica L. Horn and Mark E. Holcomb The equine industry has a long and esteemed history in the United States, with the first Thoroughbred… (Read More)

Aug. 30, 2017

What is a Safety Plan and Should I Sign It?

If you are ever contacted by the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS), you should know your rights and what to expect. A DCS investigation… (Read More)

Aug. 28, 2017
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