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Government Relations

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As the world market and community culture continuously change, Stoll Keenon Ogden strives to offer services that will meet the demands of a diverse and growing client base. Building on the success of previous relation¬ships the firm has maintained over the years and working towards a sustainable future, Stoll Keenon Ogden is proud to introduce a Government Relations practice. The practice is well equipped with attorneys who have extensive government experience.

SKO’s Government Relations attorneys have served in various arenas of the public sector, including (but not limited to) the Kentucky House of Representatives, Secretary for the Cabinet for the Governor of Kentucky, Director of the Legislative Research Commission, General Counsel for the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, and General Counsel for the Governor of Kentucky. The firm has shown leadership across the state of Kentucky by serving on the House Economic Development Committee, the Governor’s Task Policy Commission, the Kentucky “Investing in People” Task Force and the Capital Planning and Advisory Board. In addition, the firm’s Government Relations attorneys are experienced lobbyists, successfully representing the interests of individual clients and large corporations in the Kentucky General Assembly on numerous occasions.

The introduction of the Government Relations practice group is a progressive way to move forward as a firm in an ever-changing world. Tracing its roots back one hundred years, SKO has historically demonstrated that same level of respect, commitment and integrity to its clients. SKO is proud to offer a Government Relations practice as an extension of ongoing services to its expanding network of clients and we understand the importance of the relationship between a people and its government.