Law, for the Greater Good.

Culture and Community First

We pride ourselves on providing a healthy, thriving environment for our team, honoring their desires and individuality. We believe our internal initiatives guide beneficial external output of success, happiness, and loyalty to our clients and communities.

Three attorneys talking together while standing outside of an office building.
We See You.
Our Culture.

Our 180+ attorneys and staff of 250 professionals are aligned with our mission of stepping beyond law to engage with the community to make a positive impact.

They have served as legislators; judges; in the executive branch of state government; state and local bar association presidents; city, county and Commonwealth attorneys; school board members; and chairs of an astounding array of civic, charitable, and business organizations.

We Hear You.

Stoll Keenon Ogden PLLC stands for equal justice under the law and dignity and respect for every individual. We will continue to listen and learn but we also re-commit ourselves to educate, advocate and act to help America achieve a more just and equal society; we will continue to cultivate a diverse and inclusive culture and to create meaningful change in our communities. All people, regardless of race, religion, gender or sexuality, deserve dignity, equal treatment under the law and respect.

We Stand with You.

Through individual leadership roles and community activities, SKO is an integral part of the communities we call home. Quite simply, giving back is the right thing to do.

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