Law, Redefined
Who We Are.

In a world that demands constant change, innovation is essential to success. This is what makes the SKO team exceptional.

Making Our Case.

Who we are is largely defined by the clients we’ve helped. Each client and case is unique, providing us with valuable opportunities to develop new solutions to solve problems and secure success.

Stoll Keenon Ogden recognizes that a viable firm for tomorrow cannot rest only on its track record. Through creative engagement, interpretation, application of knowledge – and paying attention to every detail – SKO works to win for its clients.

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Man with hat and glasses that have no temples (aka "arms")
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A Proud & Storied History

In 1897, a young man from Kentucky left Connecticut with a law degree from Yale and opened a modest office in downtown Lexington. Today, 127 years later, Stoll Keenon Ogden serves our clients from five offices in two states.

We’re proud of our legendary past and invite you to join us on our journey through history.

Our Culture Rests on

Service above and beyond the practice of law—to the public, the community, and the legal profession—has always been a hallmark of our culture. We have taken on these responsibilities, and we will continue to take them on in the future, because we feel an obligation to give of our time and talents for the greater good.

At SKO, Everyday Is

Our firm is regularly recognized for its hard work and dedication to the legal field — both individually and as a whole. We are dynamic and forward-thinking with inspired, passionate attorneys who operate at the highest levels of their profession.

Taking the Lead.
Our Board of Directors.
* denotes a Member of the Executive Committee.

Photo of P Douglas Barr outside.

P. Douglas Barr*, Managing Director, Chairman
William M. Lear Jr.*, Chairman Emeritus
Douglas C. Ballantine*, Vice Chair, Finance Committee Chair
Monica Braun*, Personnel Committee Chair
Jeffrey A. Calabrese
Norris Cunningham
Craig C. Dilger
Mary C. Garris
W. Chapman Hopkins*, Strategic Opportunities Committee Chair
Mark T. Hurst*, Business Development Committee Chair
Offer Korin
Katherine P. Langan
Beth Hendrickson McMasters
D. Andrew Nestrick
Laura H. Pulliam
Palmer G. Vance II