For Your Safety
Security Disclaimer

Information that you consider confidential should NOT be sent to Stoll Keenon Ogden PLLC over the Internet.

As with a conversation over a cordless or cellular telephone, it may be possible for a 3rd party to tap into information sent by email over the Internet. Further, you should understand that we will not have any duty to treat as confidential (not to be disclosed) any information which you submit by unsolicited email to our firm until we can establish that our undertaking to represent you will not create a conflict of interest with other clients of this firm.

If you wish to submit any such information to an attorney of this firm, we suggest that you contact that particular attorney by telephone so that (a) we can determine whether a conflict of interest would prevent us from representing you; and (b) we may provide alternative secure means of communication.

We are committed to providing potential clients with secure methods for electronic transmission of sensitive information.