September 29, 2017

Kentucky’s New Regulations Sunset Scheme

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Fact: Regulations are in the crosshairs. Regardless of their history, applicable industries or agencies, or initial justifications, regulations are running headlong into a de-regulation firing squad. No matter your particular political leanings or feelings on the subject, it cannot be denied that the zeitgeist opposes too many regulations and regulators; popular sentiment views regula­tions as the kudzu suffocating the life out of American industry and the American worker.

Public sentiment partly explains the swath of politicians waving the de-regulation banner. And those politicians are currently on a bit of a winning streak. During the presidential campaign, then-can­didate Trump repeatedly lambasted government regulations and promised to rein them in. Within weeks of taking office, the regu­lation roll-back was officially underway, beginning with President Trump’s Executive Orders requiring federal agencies to establish “Regulatory Reform Task Forces” to eliminate so-called red tape in the form of “costly and unnecessary regulations,” and to nix two regulations for every new one promulgated by any federal agency.1 The idea behind the de-regulation fervor is simple: regulations act as a hurdle to the regulated industries, cramping those industries’ ability to grow and develop, which means fewer jobs and stagnant wages for the affected workers.