September 13, 2021

President Biden’s September 9, 2021 Executive Orders on COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

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On September 9, 2021, President Joe Biden signed two new Executive Orders as part of the federal government’s ongoing effort to lessen the impact of COVID-19. The President also announced sweeping plans to require many other larger employers to mandate vaccinations as a condition of employment. Business leaders continue to face the near-constant challenge of responding to these and other government actions that will undoubtedly have a significant impact on their operations.

Executive Order Requiring COVID-19 Vaccination for Federal Employees

This narrowly crafted Order mandates that each federal agency implement a program to require COVID-19 vaccination for all federal employees, with exceptions only as required by law. The Safer Federal Workforce Task Force, established earlier this year, will issue guidance on this agency implementation within seven (7) days of September 9, 2021.

Executive Order Ensuring Adequate COVID-19 Safety Protocols for Federal Contractors

This broader Order will affect businesses that contract with the federal government. Specifically, this Order directs executive departments and federal agencies to include new clauses in federal contracts which will require compliance with guidance from the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force regarding COVID-19 vaccinations. This task force has until September 24, 2021 to publish this guidance. The Order targets October 8, 2021 as the date for federal agencies to implement these requirements, and targets October 15, 2021 as the date by which the new language will appear in new federal contracts, renewals of existing federal contracts, and potentially some current options contracts.

There are some types of contracts, such as grants, that are specifically exempted. Additionally, federal agencies have been encouraged, but not mandated, to ensure compliance with the new guidelines in existing contracts. The Safer Federal Workforce Task Force will be publishing new guidelines in the coming weeks.

Summary: Other Key Features of President Biden’s COVID-19 Vaccination Plan

Other features of the President’s vaccination initiative include the following:

The proposed emergency temporary standard imposing a vaccine mandate on private employers is especially significant, and critical questions surround both the scope of this standard and the legal basis for its promulgation. Litigation over these threshold issues is a certainty.   Until OSHA actually issues the emergency temporary standard, employer efforts to begin compliance may not be necessary or prudent.

Another particular difficulty at this time is reconciling the text of the Executive Orders with commentary made by the President and other administration officials at press conferences and in the media. While these media statements may provide some insight about future policy and enforcement strategy, the actual text of the Executive Orders (and their implementing regulations and guidance) should be the focus of business leaders.


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