September 21, 2020

SKO Members appointed to ALFA International Leadership Roles

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Matthew R. Parsons
Member, Stoll Keenon Ogden PLLC

Two firm Members, Mary Garris and Matt Parsons, are taking on leadership roles for ALFA International, the premier independent law-firm network in the world. SKO is one of 80 domestic ALFA International-member law firms, along with 70 international firms.

As members of the ALFA International Future Leaders Forum (FLF), Garris and Parsons will connect with fellow attorneys, participate in professional development, join and lead continuing legal education, and serve the ALFA International organization at large. The FLF was formed by ALFA International’s Marketing Committee, Board of Directors, Client Advisory Board and Managing Partners to meet “next-in-line” attorneys, and to enable the FLF attorneys to benefit from ALFA International programming and business development activities.

Parsons has been appointed Marketing Chair of the FLF. This position will lead into a Vice Chair position and ultimately, he will become Chair of that group.

Garris will be the FLF liaison to ALFA International’s Corporate Transactions Working Group.

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