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Energy & Natural Resources

We serve a diverse group of energy and natural resource clients on issues arising in the procurement, development, and distribution of natural resources and energy services.

Our attorneys work on matters, from the simple to the complex, including transactions, acquisitions, legislation, regulatory compliance, development and production, investing and financing, contracting, construction, disputes, real estate, policies, and litigation.

Our experience is extensive in the coal, natural gas, electric, and water and wastewater industries. We maintain a wide, regional presence in the industry, and our clients include:

  • Coal mining and development companies
  • Oil producers
  • Gas providers
  • Residential and industrial customers
  • Lenders & borrowers
  • Developers & Contractors
  • Government and trade agencies
  • Water and wastewater facilities and customers
  • Industry entrepreneurs

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August 28, 2017
Part one of “What Price Synthetic Gas?” described the history and some of the terms of a proposed 30-year contract obligating the State of Indiana to purchase synthetic natural gas (SNG) from a private developer.  Savings and costs resulting from the contract, the extent of which will be determined by the market price each month […]
August 25, 2017
It is not at all uncommon for a landowner to reserve mineral interests on the sale of a farm or other real estate. The language reserving “oil, gas and other minerals” often appears as a reservation in such a deed.  An issue sometimes arises, though, about what are the “other minerals” that have been reserved. Is coal included […]
July 19, 2016
In the May installment, I made reference to 20 Pa. C. S. Chapter 35, Section 3546, the mandated judicial proceeding (outside of an administered estate) to determine heirship in Pennsylvania. In the absence of an administered estate in Pennsylvania, record title does not move forward in the chain until and how a Court says that […]